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             Country Estate Liquidators & Auctions

Serving Central & East Texas for over 14 years.


We turn your collections into cash!

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs and provide you a free estimate. Call and schedule your free estimate at 512-217-1776

Free Estimate Information:

  • We come to your location and provide a free estimate
  • We discuss business or estate sale and/or auction options
  • We provide you information and instructions for planning and conducting a sale
  • We work on a commission of total sales and provide you our fee to conduct the sale at the onset
  • Our fee includes; specific outlined advertising, set up & staging, research & pricing of items, staffing and conducting the sale
  • We have various options for handling items remaining at the end of the sale and will discuss your preference
  • We don't take any money upfront
  • There are no hidden fees at the end of the sale
  • We provide everything necessary to set up the sale

References furnished upon request

Questions you should consider in selecting an Estate Sale Company? 

  Special considerations in selecting an Estate Sale Company


Country Estate


Other Estate Sale Companies

1. Are they an established verifiable business, how long in doing estate sales and are they licensed and have liability insurance? 

Yes we are a verifiable business for over 14 years.

We have an auction building in Rockdale TX and are licensed and have liability Ins.      


2. Do they ask for money up front?


Absolutely not!     


 3. What experience do they have in pricing antiques & collectibles, everyday items, and more valuable items?

 a. Owned Antique

Mall 10+ yrs

b Auctioneer 15+ yrs

c. Estate Sales

14+ years &

have appraisal



4. Do they have an established clientele that attend their sales?



  5. Do they take credit cards?

Yes, it impacts sales 


 6. How do they price silver, gold and fine jewels?

Gold & silver priced at daily market rate. Fine jewels are researched and/or appraised 


  7. What happens with left over items at end of sale? Do you have to deal with it?

We have a number of options for handling

left over items. We work with the family to decide on your preference


8. What options are available for cleaning and/or making the house ready to rent or sale?

We have cleaning options and can discuss details


 9. Do they provide you with an inventory list of items sold at the sale? 



10. How long before they pay you after the sale? 

 Extremely Fast


What should the owner do to prepare for the sale:

  • Remove or secure any items you don't wish to sell such as: personal items, pictures, important personal documents, tax info, banking info, medical equipment, eyeglasses, and medications
  • Be careful to not throw things away. You would be surprised at the things people throw away thinking they don't have value but actually do. We often find things of value that should not have been discarded
  • Provide any valuable information known about items to be sold that may be helpful in making a more lucrative sale. There are times that historical or relative information can add value

Our company is based on the belief that the needs of our customers are of the utmost importance. Our team is committed to meeting those needs. We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you some of the best service in the industry.